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13 August 2012 @ 12:11 pm
Book Review: The Bounty Hunter by MF Burbaugh  
Bounty Hunter

I had the pleasure of reading this book prior to publication.

It is a story that works on two dimensions - at the superficial level, it is a story about revenge and fixing what is right - a classic tale that fits right in any genre, but Westerns come to mind. But if you scratch the surface, there's a lot more. It is also a critical dig at the abuse of power, and particularly by people who have sacred responsibilities to their nations and people. It is also a human story, about how trials and tribulations can change people, and yet, with courage, retain what is essential to be human.

The story is saucy without being over the top. It is swashbuckling, like any good heroic fantasy should be, and it has its moments of humor.

A very good read indeed. Worthy of 5 stars.
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