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05 August 2012 @ 05:05 pm
Catalog of Edited Books  
The following is my count of professionally edited major titles. And it is large.

My approximate count of words edited and published novel sized titles are: 2.439M, and number of titles: 30.

So, in chronological order, the following is my work (noting approximate published words).

  • Page Dancers anthology (out of print). Cross Genre. I was coordinating editor, and edited approximately a quarter of the stories. (30k).

  • KnorraSky: The Deception by RA Knowlton Epic Fantasy. (IFWG, 2010) (147k)

  • The Wicked Heroine by Jasmine Giacomo Heroic Fantasy. (various publishers, 2010). (121k)

  • Onet's Tale by Jack Eason Space Opera. (various publishers). (104k)

  • The Devil Came East by Geri Fitzsimmons and Andy Stephenson Crime Drama. (IFWG, 2010). (107k)

  • Blood Contract by Biola Olatunde Contemporary Adventure in Africa (IFWG, 2010). (52k)

  • They Never Gave Up by Linda Penhall Inspirational Fiction (IFWG, 2010) (126k)

  • The Empire by Elizabeth Lang Science Fiction (IFWG, 2010) (113k)

  • Circle of Seven by MF Burbaugh Science Fantasy (IFWG, 2011) (47k)

  • We Were Legends by MF Burbaugh Science Fiction (IFWG, 2011) (131k)

  • Die Laughing by Louis K Lowy Science Fiction (IFWG, 2011) (62k)

  • Opportunities: Jamie Leith in Darién by Ian Hall Historical Adventure (Various publishers, 2011) (198k)

  • Constellation Station by Gary Alexander Azerier and Ioanny Dimov Children's Story (IFWG, 2011) (5k + illustrations)

  • Whirlwind by Jennifer R Resetar and John Powers Children's Story (IFWG, 2011) (5k + illustrations)

  • The Sixth Precept by Larry Ivkovich Urban Fantasy (IFWG, 2011) (101k)

  • A Magpie Called Will by Peter Rondell and Frances Hutt Children's Story (IFWG, 2011) (12k + illustrations)

  • Ferryman by Jonathon Wise Post Apocalyptic (IFWG, 2012) (106k)

  • Blackthorns of the Forgotten by Bree T. Donovan Contemporary Fantasy (IFWG, 2012) (95k)

  • Against The Elements by Esme Carpenter Young Teen Fantasy (IFWG, 2012) (88k)

  • The Rebels by Elizabeth Lang Science Fiction (IFWG, 2012) (115k)

  • KnorraSky: The Earth Blade by RA Knowlton Heroic Fantasy (IFWG, 2012) (96k)

  • The Bounty Hunter by MF Burbaugh Heroic Fantasy (IFWG, 2012) (71k)

  • Numen Yeye by Biola Olatunde Contemporary African Fantasy (IFWG, 2012) (93k)

  • Loria by Jesse McMinn Heroic Fantasy (IFWG, 2013) (121k)

  • Unlikely Hero by Geraldine Fitzsimmons Political Thriller (IFWG, 2013) (79k).

  • Paper Magic by Jeffery Doherty Children's Story (IFWG Australia, 2013) (9k)

  • Blood Sabers by MF Burbaugh. Science Fiction (IFWG, 2013) (140k)

  • Sea Lily by Brooke Breazeale. Children's Story (IFWG, 2013) 15k)

  • The Infinity Trap by Ian C Douglas. Young Teen Story (IFWG Australia, 2013) (51k)

  • Buxacan Spicerunner. Epic Fantasy (IFWG, 2014) To be edited shortly.

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