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30 May 2010 @ 12:00 am
My Short Fiction  
Here is a complete catalogue of all of my short stories, novelettes, and novellas (with some commentary). Titles in yellow have been published or accepted for publishing, and blue are those that I never intend to publish in their current form.


  • Hunger (May 2008). A vignette - possibly a werewolf story, but deliberately ambiguous.

  • Cimiar's Last Challenge (May 2008) My first Evyntyde short, exploring what the ultimate challenge would be left for a supreme spell caster.

  • Hearing Colours (June 2008) My one, and perhaps only ever, vampire story. It was more of an exploration into what happens to the senses of someone who makes the transformation.

  • Waiting (June 2008) Not particularly good - quite autobiographical, but went weird at the end. Essentially what I felt when I witnessed my grandmother's death in hospital.

  • The Wyrm's Footprint (July 2008) An Evyntyde story, with Cimiar making another appearance. An honest to goodness dragon story (still one of my favourites). Published in Angie's Diary, 12 July 2011.

  • Just Four Words (July 2008) An OK story, and outside of my normal genre.  A tearful story about a single mother dying with a developmentally delayed toddler. This wont see publication, I'm sure.

  • The Wish (July 2008) An Evyntyde story. A ghost story with a difference - the beginning of my fixation with ghosts in fantasy, generally.

  • Rain Drops In His Eyes (July 2008) An Evyntyde story. This one was written some time before - perhaps was my first story, but I revised it in July 2008. This is an intense piece that looks at a famous fantasy battle through the eyes of a common soldier. It was originally titled A Soldier. Published in Static Movement's anthology, Dark Dispatches (Mar 2012)

  • Sunset in Pælyn’s Fen (July 2008) An Evyntyde story. This short explored the meaning of sacrifice.

  • The Painting (August 2008) This story was inspired from a wonderful painting and turned out to be one of my best shorts. What's more, it exploded into an idea for a novel which culminated in Guardian of the Sky Realms novel.

  • The Past Catching Up (September 2008) Another experiment - a supernatural Western. I like it, and it is morbid, but I have never had strong support for it. Published in Dead Guns Press' The Badlands' anthology, October 2014.

  • To Sleep (October 2008) This story is set in the same world as that described in The Painting, and I reserved the right as to whether I would include it in my novel - I in fact did include a variant of it. It is an exploration into the real meaning of love. Since it was raided for my novel, Guardian of the Sky Realms, it will never see the light of day in this form.

  • Mariposa (October 2008) A story that just came out of the blue, and is influenced by the migration of the Monarch Butterflies. Supernatural of course. Published in Page Dancers anthology, Jan 2010 (IFWG Publishing). OUT OF PRINT.

  • The Wooden Tomb (October 2008) Another one of my favourites. It is set in an African village and explores the right of passage for young men - but with a strong supernatural element. Published in Frostfire Worlds issue 2, Nov 2013.

  • The Sea Witch (November 2008) A haunted lighthouse in the English Channel. The possibilities! Published in Page Dancers anthology, Jan 2010 (IFWG Publishing - out of print). Also published in What Lies Beneath anthology (Thirteen Press, 14 march 2014).

  • The Knight (November 2008) Not a spectacular short, more of a small tribute story to a Welsh friend who is a medieval re-enactor. A murder mystery with a difference.

  • Birth (originally called Birth: Leon of Clavellmeadow's Tale) (December 2008) I came up with a great idea - to write a quad-rilogy, covering the themes of birth, youth, adulthood and death, respectively, as well as having a different, notable character from my first  two Evyntyde novels. This is the first and concerns a talented minstrel who faces a sobering situation that for once, leaves him gob-smacked.

  • She Has Been Here (December 2008) Another one of my favourites (hmm, I should be a bit more discerning). This was influenced by my reading of Charles Dickens' journals, and wondering if he had his own supernatural experience. Published in The Fringe Magazine (ezine) April 2011, and to be published in PDF format.


  • Submerged (January 2009) An Evyntyde Tale. This story is about suicide, but what happens if someone gets a second chance? Published in Blood and Lullabies ezine (20 Septembe2012)

  • Weariness (April, 2009) Another experimental piece, probably not worth publishing. A very different take on the trials and tribulations of being the Roman Emperor.

  • Three Destinies (April 2009) An Evyntyde story. An unusual look at the destiny of three inanimate objects, and how they merge in a greater destiny again. I'm proud of this one. Published in Planet Magazine.

  • The Other Side (April 2009) My first science fiction, a story about a depressed woman who takes on a lover from a different time, or is it world? Published in The Fringe Magazine 1 Sept 2011.

  • Frank Rombo, PI: The Case of the Misplaced Word (May 2009) A light piece, using the language of murder mysteries - but heck, how can I avoid the supernatural?

  • A Far Away Place (May 2009) Probably my most popular short story among peers who have viewed it. Can't give the punch line away - a very young girl is a champion magician for a 'far away place'. Beyond Centauri 31 (Jan 2011); reprinted in Kid's 'Magination, Issue 11, 21 May 2012

  • The Castle Mound (originally called: Youth: Larella's Tale) (July 2009) The second of my quad-rilogy. Larella, in this story, is a young alchemist's apprentice, disobeys her master and encounters some dreadful ghosts.

  • The Face In The Flames (formerly called Adulthood: Fenwyk's Tale) (July 2009) The third of my quad-rilogy. This is an unusual fantasy tale since there is nothing magical or supernatural about it. It is about Fenwyk, a master playwright and actor, who must face the fears of his childhood. It covers Adulthood, in the sense that adults have need to grow.

  • Dave Rorshach’s Dream Comes True (August 2009) My second science fiction, and ended up pretty happy with it. Additionally, I added a degree of eroticism in it - as it was entirely warranted. A man travels more than 50 light years to make sense of a dream. Published on 30 May 2010 in Silverthorn Press (ezine) and as a reprint in the For The Oceans Anthology, Sonar4 Publications (Nov 2011 Now out of print).

  • The Prey (August 2009) Returning to dark fantasy - the story of restless spirits in an old Havana cemetery. Published in Beyond the Grave Anthology (Static Movement) September 2011.

  • Husks (September 2009) The fourth and last story in the Evyntyde quad-rilogy. The main character, Myleana - a young but powerful astrologer - must solve a brutal murder of a minor nobleman. Formerly titled: Death: Myleana's Tale. Published in Swords and Sorcery Magazine #25 February 2014

  • Last (September 2009) A hard core science fiction story about an armoured warrior finding himself in a world whose civilization and lifeforms have been destroyed. Published in Planet Magazine.

  • My Animus (October 2009) Very short story experimenting with a horror concept. Written originally for an anthology submission, but discovered it didn't qualify in subject matter. Published in Silverthorn Press eZine, March 2012

  • The Sinkhole (October 2009) Another very short story - this is the one that meets the anthology submission requirements that I missed with My Animus. About a small time hoodlum who faces his imminent demise.

  • The Golden Casket (December 2009) A Cimiar story, and contributor to my Evyntyde Anthology. This reveals the human side of the uber-powerful Cimiar, with a romantic tinge. SQ Magazine, Spring/Summer 2010.


  • Halo In The Sky (January 2010) My first steampunk story - a Victorian army officer returns to the Land of Hope and Glory, after an adventure on a far off planet, and discovers that his great expectations has an unusual twist. Published in SQ Mag #4 (1 Sept 2012).

  • Darkness In the Mountain of Light (March 2010) My second last planned Cimiar short, this time as a young man on his first important mission for his God-Emperor, Kul. Published in What Lies Beneath anthology.(Thirteen Press, 14 March 2014)..

  • My Best Friend Julian (March 2010) A second steampunk story - pretty much in the same universe I created. This was rather experimental - exploring the theme of facades. Published in Anthology of Steampunk (Sonar4 Publications), November 2010 (out of print); Reprinted in Dr Fantastique's Show of Wonders, Nov 2012.

  • My Heart In the Malt House (May 2010) Another Evyntyde story, set during the Wars of Salvation. A love story, a tragedy. The experiment was writing it in a very pure second person style.

  • Hills (June 2010) A short, humorous story about a doppelganger. Can't say anymore :) Published in AntipodeanSF, Issue 185 1 November 2013. (radio/podcast to follow).

  • Whatever Happens, Happens (July 2010) A horror story about how evil can have its own destiny. I enjoyed writing it and it genuinely freaked me out. Evil Jester Press: Tales of Horror and Mayhem From Deep Within The Box published August 2012).

  • Special (August 2010) Science Fiction, rather light but looking at Asperger's Syndrome. Unashamedly linked to my experience looking after my daughter who has Autism. Published in Flying Island Press Benefit: Autism Awareness anthology in September 2011. ebook only.

  • Gerald's Memory-House (September 2010) Dark urban fantasy. I pose the question, in a very deviant-like fashion, how self-destructive can amazing supernatural powers be? Published in The Refuge Collection Vol 5 Jul 2016

  • The Imago Pit (September 2010) The last of my Cimiar short stories, and fourth in chronological order of Cimiar's life (out of five). In this story, he is all powerful and yet is haunted by a memory that is exploited against him.

  • Creation's Flaw (October 2010) Another Steampunk story, about time travel and its classic paradox. Airships also feature. Published in Penny Dread Tales: Volume Two: A Phantasmagorical Calliope of Clockwork and Steam, by Runewright, in March 2012.

  • After The Wreck (November 2010) Evyntyde story, set near Waymoor. A small piece, looking at the aftermath of a disastrous wreck of a military transport ship.

  • Flamingo and Pink (December 2010). Very dark post-apocalyptic-thriller fusion short story. Published in Static Movement: After The End anthology in October 2011.


  • The Comfort of Beanbags (January 2011). A what-if scifi strongly probing our society's assumptions of what is normal versus abnormal versus insane. Then...what if a group can control this? This is being rewritten as a novella, as it crammed too much information into a short story. Refer to the later entry for this story, in rewritten form.

  • The Hand of Rasadan (January 2011). Another Evyntyde story, depicting Larella at the age of 17 and the cult of Rasadan.

  • The Lucky Mouth (February 2011). My first Mythos story outside RPG design. Experimental as well - no dialogue whatsoever. Published in Unearthed Press Anthology of Ichor III: Gears of Damnation (April 2011). and Bleed charity anthology, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, Aug 2012

  • The Bond (March 2011). A steampunk short about a pretty amazing horse and carriage. In Penny Dread Tales Volume 1: Gears, Coils, Aether & Steam (Rune Wright Publishing for 30 April 2011).

  • Ginger Fred, the Pavement Artist (March 2011). A light horror, possible supernatural mystery set in a small seaside town in southern Australia. Published in Ticon4 23 July 2012.

  • Blue Stripped (April 2011). Scifi dystopian short that runs very close to the bone for me - has some biographical elements. Parallels an asteroid miner's life with humanity itself. Published in Stupefying Stories 1.11, December 2012.

  • They Can Never Find Out (May 2011). WW2 Horror story - explores, aside from the war backdrop, what zealotry can do to someone. Published in Dark Dispatches anthology, Static Movement, Mar 2012.

  • Fade Out (May 2011). Neuro-cyber dystopian piece. Very dark.

  • The Weight Of Sin (June 2011). Rather gory horror piece set in the Achafalaya Swamp - all about jealousy and revenge. Published in Blood Moon Rising magazine, issue 49, 9 July 2012.

  • Empath's Shade (former titled Children's Laughter) (July 2011). Flashfiction. Fantasy, animism, post-apocalyptic - the story of a ghost of a tree recollecting its past. Rewritten as The Oak Tree's Shade.

  • Patience's Reward (August 2011). Flashfiction. Fantasy set in Evyntyde, first person through an unlikely character. A bit of humor, more than anything else.

  • The Comfort of Beanbags (August 2011). Novelette. Improvement on my Jan 2011 effort at a short story.

  • The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend (Sept 2011). Steampunk again, this time set in NYC in 1880s - and with a strong connection to the Indian Wars. Published in Penny Dread Tales III, Runewright, 14 March 2013, and reprinted in The Best of Penny Dread Tales (Word Fire Press, Oct 2014)

  • Enryk's Trouble (Sept 2011). Evyntyde story covering, in part, gender relationships. Also my first story written in third person, present tense. Will be published in Frost Fire Worlds in February 2014.

  • In Arcadia (Oct 2011). Ghost story with a twist. Written in UK English, as it is set in England. in The Dark Bard anthology, by Indigo Mosaic, 25 June 2013.

  • Legacy (Nov 2011). Heroic Fantasy short with a steampunk flavor. Published in Aurora Wolf Magazine, Vol 3, Issue 10 (28 Sep 2012)

  • Whistle In The Wind (Nov 2011). Historical scifi set in post war Europe, from a Dutchman's point of view. Published in Another Sky Press: Alien Sky Anthology, 1 March 2013.

  • The Place Where Two Eagles Meet (Dec 2011). Hard to define - an unusual, barely, steampunk story set in the 30s.


  • The Deluge (Jan 2012). A paranormal story set in Australia. Black Beacon's Subtropical Suspense anthology (Black Beacon Books, July 2014)

  • The Girl Who Floated To Heaven (Feb 2012). Scifi, tragic piece, set in a country town in the Sixties and early Seventies. Published in Dusturbed Digest 16, March 2017.

  • Fred Has A Productive Day (Feb 2012). Hard scifi about a time tens of thousands of years in the future. Published in Battlespace: A Military Science Fiction Anthology (The Science Fiction Show), 7 July 2012.

  • Of The Color Turmeric, Climbing On Fingertips (Mar 2012). Hard horror, with a unique setting - almost entirely on the face of a cliff in the middle of the ocean. Night Terrors III (Blood Bound Books) December 2014, and reprinted in The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror (2014), Ticonderoga Publications, late 2015

  • Snatching The Lute (Apr 2012). Evyntyde story - upbeat - starring Leon of Clavellmeadow - he meets, somewhat, his match. Published in Bards and Sages Quarterly, July 2015

  • Brown Eyes (May 2012). A story about making mistakes, and a supernatural force decides to take on the roles of judge, jury and executioner.

  • The Cleaning Team (May, 2012). Dystopian story set in my home town, Melbourne. My most disturbing to date.

  • Dom and Gio's Barber Shop (Jul, 2012). Lovecraftian story set in a barber shop in Melbourne but with a very strange tie to an ancient city in Italy. In Lovecraft eZine Issue 21 22 Jan 2013

  • The Pillar Of The Small God (Jul, 2012). Hard Scifi piece about how a man and wife team struggle understanding an alien culture that has a special relationship with the astrophysics of their stellar system. Published in Aurealis Magazine #63, August 2013.

  • Pretty Kitty (Aug 2012). Classic horror piece about cats, hauntings, and madness. A tragedy. Published in Contrary Cats anthology, IndigoMosaic Publishing, Dec 2013). To be reprinted in Horror Writers' Sampler (compiler: David Conyers, tba)

  • The Curious Case of the Frozen Revenant (Sept 2012). Steampunk/Western/Adventure - light-hearted in many places. Published in Railroad! (Celebration Station as part of the Guest Interlude., 8, 9 and 10 February 2013. and also Penny Dread Tales IV (anthology, 2014)

  • Unwrapping Me (Oct 2012). Weird SciFi. Experimental, where an autistic boy is orphaned on a dead planet. He is totally alone - or is he?

  • Forever (Nov 2012). Scifi exploring the issues of euthanasia (and true love) in a society where immortality has been achieved.

  • Harsh Is The Light (Nov 2012). Evyntyde fantasy, set in the cruel northern county of March. A warlord learns truth about himself from an unlikely teacher. Published in Swords and Sorcery Magazine in July 2015 (issue 42).

  • The Oak Tree's Shade (Dec 2012). complete rewrite of the flash piece, Empath's Shade (and Children's Laughter). On good advice, I expanded it. The story of humanity through the ghost of a sacred tree.


  • Lost Friends (Jan 2013). Evyntyde fantasy piece, with an old friend, Leon of Clavellmeadow. This story is a little different - an exploration of how grief and rage can blind one.

  • Seven Circles To Daylight (Mar 2013). Dark fantasy set in a world of librarians. Happy ending.

  • Abd al-Hakim's Quest (Mar 2013). Medieval Arabic fantasy story. About folly and Death.

  • Portrait Of A Mouse On A Tread-Wheel (Apr 2013). Horror piece set in a scifi-style post-apocalyptic setting. Extremely dark.

  • Hime Gyaru in Bondi (May 2013). Mythos piece set in Sydney, culminating in Bondi. Starts slightly flippant but ends dark indeed.

  • The Fridge That Ate The Telco (Jul 2013). Weird piece - about a man with Tourette Syndrome who must defeat an interdimensional creature who is threatening his church. Irreligous, swearing, and not very PC with people with Tourette's.

  • Amputees in Albion (Sep 2013). Scifi military horror. Paints a bleak future, but the emphasis is on the horror.


  • The Crab Woman (Jan 2014). Disturbing horror piece set in Vanuatu. Draws heavily from places and people close to me, but that is where it ends - the idea is to make it personal to draw the horror out.

  • Crazy Mike McCloud (Feb 2014). Weird Western (no steampunk), about a girl who befriends a drifter who helps her find her father's killers. While seemingly a 'True Grit' ripoff, it tangents in very weird directions. Published in Railroad! Celebration Station interlude day 17, Tonia Brown, 18 March 2014

  • The Body Parts Room (May 2014). Very dark horror piece about a man monstered by his wife, but more importantly, haunted by a supernatural being.

  • Derelict (July 2014). Subtle horror piece about death, decay, and reconciliation. The main protagonist is a bag lady, who finds a new home in a derelict school bus. Published in Inner Sins ezine, Summer 2016

  • Denying The Thrill (August 2014). Horror piece about a man cursed to unfailingly predict when people die. Published later in Sept 2015 by EMP Publishing - Creepy Campfire Stories (for adults) anthology.

  • The Thousand Teeth, The Eternal Fall (October 2014). Mythos piece exploring the price of giving up humanity for greed...or anger.

  • An Incident in Prnjavor (December 2014). WW1 horror piece, set during the 1914 Serbian Campaign. Published in The Worlds Of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror  by Altair Australia in Jan 2016


  • The Salt Mummy (April 2015). Lovecraftian piece set in the early 1960s.


  • Old Bones, Young Bones (January 2016). Disturbing psychological horror piece, about family curses. Published in The Refuge Colleciton Vol 6 (and stand alone ebook) (ed S Dillon)  in Sept 2016'

  • Captain MacDuff's Nemesis (Nov 2016). Steampunk short story set during an alt hist naval war beween Great Britain and Prussia - submarines, clockwork limbs, etc. About survival and honour.

  • Roland's Merry Christmas (Dec 2016). Post-apocalyptic horror flash fiction piece.


  • Journey to the Depths (Feb 2016). Maratime ghost story flash fiction. To be published in Anemone Enemy Anthology, by Oscillate Wildly Press, tba.

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