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02 October 2013 @ 05:33 pm
Market News: novelette, 'The Strange Case of the Frozen Revenant' in Penny Dread Tales IV anthology  
Very pleased to have my steampunk western novelette, 'The Strange Case of the Frozen Revenant', accepted in Runewright's Penny Dread Tales IV. This means I have had a short piece of fiction published in every single volume, which is a good feeling. This novelette is a reprint - it was first published in 3 parts in Tonia Brown's Story Station interlude to her Railroad! serial. The work was a lot of fun to write as it isn't dark and has light moments - something very refreshing. And I think it's a pretty good story anyhow. Stay tuned on a publication date.

While I have your attention, I have had a short story accepted last night to an Australian anthology - more information when I'm allowed to divulge.
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